Williamsburg, VA

I had the opportunity to visit Williamsburg, Virginia for the first time this summer during our family vacation. Mixed with good friends and a wide array of things to do, we had an incredible time. Here are a few highlights along the way.

Scenes of horse drawn carriages were quite common throughout the day placeholder

You never know who you'll bump in to. I believe this was Patrick Henry placeholder

The colonial period town is quite impressive as you walk up and down each street placeholder

I believe this was one of the back rooms of the local Jeweler placeholder

Here, the shoe maker is putting the finishing touches on a nice pair of house slippers placeholder

You cannot visit this area without taking in one of the many wonderful gardens that are all around. placeholder

There was this one particular tree that was absolutely amazing. You could sit under it on a bench and it was literally 20 degrees cooler and very relaxing. placeholder

We all wish we had a tree like this in our backyard placeholder

That just about wraps up our one day visit. This place is definitely on the list for another visit as there were so many things we did not have time to do.

I will leave you with this one last picture.

Looking back on our history and seeing how far we have come in such a relatively short period of time is inspiring. placeholder